Tuesday, December 18, 2007

End of hibernation season... for a sweater

Jon's sweater has been hibernating for quite some time... I can't remember why I set it aside, but I suspect it had something to do with the sleeves, which are still in-progress. Here are my two leading theories:

  1. I was having a difficult time knitting the sleeves down from the shoulders due to the massive bulk of the sweater itself twisting around and around, or,
  2. I didn't feel up to the ridiculously simple task of taking notes as I decreased the first sleeve so that I could match the second sleeve to it and make them evenly tapered. Lame, I know.

It's probably a combination of the two. Or maybe I was just bored with it. Or maybe the weather was getting warm and I was not happy sitting under this behemoth of wool in the spring or summer.

For whatever reason it went into hibernation, it doesn't really matter. I've pulled it out and brought it back to life as a WIP! If I can deal with the giant twisting sweater as I work down the sleeves, then I'll be sure to finish it pretty quickly. I will have to pick up and add a few stitches around the neck, but that's a small amount of work. And then I want to re-do the bottom of the body... I just bound it off in ribbing but I really dislike how it looks, so I'm going to re-do it with a kind of a "hem" instead so it looks cleaner, more polished.



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