Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I just bought a new pattern

OK, I'm weak... I don't often purchase patterns, but something came over me today and I bought the pattern for "Elijah" - a little stuffed elephant toy from Ysolda. I also bought some Cashmerino DK in a kind of taupe color, and I have a big bag of fiberfill at home, so all I need to do is wait for the yarn to arrive in the mail, and I can get started!

It's gonna be adorable!

In other news, I finished my own pair of Fiber Trends felted clogs (Mom loved hers at Christmas!) and they are felted and currently drying. I took some "before" pictures, and I will get some "after" pictures after I decide whether I really want to put embroidery on them or not. I kind of like them as they are... but a little extra embellishment might be fun, too. I'll figure it out before the weekend, I suspect.

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Blogger Tia said...

I can't wait to see how your Elijah turns out! I think I have this in my Ravelry Q. :)

3:43 PM CST  

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