Monday, January 04, 2010

Another try...

Two weeks off for the holidays, and now I'm back at work. It was a good vacation because I STARTED KNITTING AGAIN FOR REAL YOU GUYS! I almost finished Jon's blue sweater! The one I started like 2 years ago which has spent more time being ignored than being knit! All I have to do is knit one more inch of ribbing on the body, and add the neckline. But I think I'm also going to re-do the cuffs of the sleeves. I changed my mind about the hemmed effect I was going for, and am going to re-do them with plain 2x2 ribbing to match the neck and bottom. Shouldn't take too long. I already knit the bottom few inches of the body 3 or 4 times this weekend, and it didn't even bother me! First I didn't like the gauge I was getting, so I ripped it back and re-did it with a smaller needle size. Then I realized I had started the ribbing up too high, and the sweater would either be too short or have too much ribbing at the bottom, so I ripped it out again. I knit a little more of the body, and THEN started the ribbing on my smaller needles, and then I had to go to bed before I could finish (this was last night). So today when I get home from work, I will knit that one inch, bind it off, and hopefully at least be able to start the neck before bedtime. Then I will probably be able to finish that by Tuesday, and I will be able to start fixing the sleeves. Then I can wash and block it, and it'll be DONE DONE DONE.

Then I will feel a lot more free and happy about knitting than I have been in a long time! Because for the last couple years, this sweater has been hanging over my conscience. I always felt guilty working on anything else. Jon really doesn't care if or when I ever finish it, but I still felt like I was neglecting him if I didn't finish his sweater before doing anything else. After this went on for a while, I eventually just stopped knitting anything. Well, there was that guilt, plus the fact that getting pregnant rendered me mentally useless. I did not have the mental capacity to follow any patterns, and even if I did something simple, I could not stand the sensation of feeling my bones moving inside my fingers. Then having a little baby made it hard to find time to knit. Then having a curious and grabby toddler made knitting VERY difficult, and I wanted to use the time when he was asleep to do other things around the house. Also, I felt like my brain could not handle a lot of thinking, but since Jeremy has stopped nursing all night (and started sleeping 10-12 hours per night - STRAIGHT!) I feel like my brain has made a sudden and amazing rebound! I can handle anything! For the first time in way too long! Because dood it was hard to sleep when I was pregnant so this has been going on for longer than I've even had a kid. Holy balls, that is a long time to feel the mental fog of sleep deprivation.

Jeremy has gotten really good about not grabbing my knitting anymore when I have it out. He does interrupt sometimes when he needs my lap for more important business ("Up? Up? Book?") but I don't mind obliging him, and eventually he wants to get down to go play trucks again anyway, which I can watch and talk with him about easily while knitting.


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