Monday, January 25, 2010

It's really happening!

I'm really finally 100% back as a knitter. I can say this for sure now, because this month I finished Jon's sweater, started and finished my hot-water-bottle cozy, and have started knitting myself the February Lady Sweater (made to fit a grown-ass woman). Because awww, it's just so adorable, and I've been wanting to knit it for about a year now. Plus, I realized I have 8 skeins of a sort-of-OK yarn called TLC Cara Mia which I stocked up on when it was discontinued a couple years ago (and was therefore super cheap, even for a "cheap yarn"!), and I didn't have any other plans for it. I figured this might be a good way to use up at least 4+ of those skeins.

Let me make this clear, just for the sake of my own conscience -- I am generally against bringing yarns into my stash without a specific project in mind, so I always felt kind of guilty about having this stuff around. I'll admint, I have a bunch of Cascade 220 in my stash, but it was specifically bought so I could knit Rogue, and I have a bunch of Main Line in like 4 different colors (another discontinued yarn, a nice wool/cotton blend), but I got it so I could knit Essential Stripe. I even bought the patterns for both of them, so my intentions are true! And now that I'm back on the bandwagon, maybe I will actually get around to making them. Wouldn't that be a trip!

Oh, and I just remembered, I have a whole heap of hanks of yarn from a recycled thrift store sweater. Honestly, I only wanted to unravel it to see how my niddy-noddy worked, and to see if I could dye it since it was a wool/acrylic blend and only the wool would hold an acid dye. I dyed one hank, balled it, and was pleased. So I mean, that WAS the project, but I guess now I have a lot of yarn that I haven't got a use for. So maybe using that stuff up should also be made a top priority...

OK, that's all I've got for now. Maybe I should take/post some pictures to prove it's all true.


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