Saturday, January 30, 2010

FLS: One week down... ??? to go

Well, I started the February Lady Sweater one week ago today. I have used up 2 skeins of yarn now, and I estimate the entire project will take just under 4 skeins if my yardage matches the yardage recommended for this size, so I guess that puts me at about the halfway point. Overall it's not too bad, I'm pretty pleased with it so far, and for a half-acrylic yarn, Cara Mia really isn't too gross. I'm really eager to get the body finished up so I can start the sleeves, so hopefully I will make as much progress this week as I did last week. Also, I need to find some buttons... I'm thinking three medium-to-large wooden ones in a darker color should work.

February Lady Sweater (1 week)


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