Sunday, January 20, 2008

Tiny Stuffed Bear - "Bubby"

This weekend, I knit "Bubby" from Knitty's Fall 2005 issue. Here he is with my Hilo ukulele:


You'll notice Bubby is wearing a tiny sweater. I did this because I hated the way the seams for his arms turned out. Either I'm just really bad at sewing on arms, or there is a great method for doing this that I don't know about yet. It's ok though. He looked a little too bare anyway, so the sweater was a perfect little addition.

I made the sweater bottom-up, based loosely on Elizabeth Zimmerman's formula for a seamless yoked sweater from Knitting Without Tears (seriously, this book is invaluable for any knitter's library - if you want to do stuff on your own and not be stuck in other people's patterns, you need to get it, or at least check it out from your library!). I really liked the way the only seams to graft closed were a few stitches in the underarms - in this case, 6 stitches per armpit. What a great way to make a sweater!

Overall, I feel kind of "blah" about this little project though. Bubby's head is a little too pointy for my taste, but maybe I could have improved that if I had been more careful with it... I'm really not sure. Also, I didn't like having odd numbers of stitches to graft at the ends of each hand and foot. I am used to grafting even numbers of stitches together so everything lines up nicely. And of course, I really dislike sewing multiple pieces together, so making the arms separately and then attaching them to the body was a real irritation (plus I didn't like how they looked, but that's my own problem.)

I guess my favorite part of this project was the teeny tiny sweater, which wasn't a part of the original pattern at all!

yarn Patons Classic Merino Wool (just a few scraps I had leftover from other things)
needles US3 DPNs

 Bubby by Vanessa Carter, Knitty Fall 2005


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