Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Quick update (I did start Sock 2)

Just wanted to pop in for a quick update (man, summer is a busy time! Sitting at the computer is the least of my interests these days!)

I did start the second sock last week, as I had promised myself I would. Yay me! I haven't worked on it a lot, but I got a few lace repeats in and am not quite to the heel yet. If I didn't have so darn much fun stuff going on lately, I'd probably be a lot further along...

I think, if I sit myself down for a few minutes each evening between now and the end of the month (about a week), I should be able to finish the sock and get on with the front half of the tank top... And I hope to finish that before we leave for our vacation near the end of August. There, I've set some goals. Now I have something to motivate me. HAH - as if!! Knitting always seems to happen for me on a "it'll happen when it happens" basis, and honestly, that makes me plenty happy. It'll be interesting to see what the coming weeks bring!


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