Monday, July 09, 2007

A Pause (in Baudelaire) for Paulina

I'm kicking myself. I went on and on about not being a sucker for Second Sock Syndrome, and how I was going to cast on for sock #2 as soon as I finished the first one... and look what I did instead:

More Paulina WIP (back)

Paulina! In Bamboozle! Ohhh how I love it so! Shame on me, shame shame shame!

But here's my excuse: I finished the first Baudelaire sock on Friday morning, and then of course I had to take a bunch of pictures of it. And then I had to eat some lunch of course. And THEN I realized that there was a big sale going on at my LYS, and I thought it ended that day (it actually went through Saturday, but I didn't know that at the time.) I didn't want all the other people to buy all the yarn before I even got a chance to go see the stuff on sale, so I had to rush down there to go shopping. My goal was to examine and possibly buy some Bamboozle. I knew the fiber content and was thinking it would be nice for the Paulina tank, but I wanted to touch it and see what it was really like before buying any online. And then of course I had to come home and blog about all that... and couldn't help but knit a gauge swatch with the Bamboozle... and next thing I knew, I was well into knitting the Paulina tank.

But let me tell you, this Bamboozle is just WONDERFUL and apparently slightly addictive! It's amazingly soft and springy, and it has a gorgeous drape and stretchiness, as weird as that sounds. One caveat I'll add is that it is quite splitty, and I've found that I have to pay a little closer attention to avoid splitting my stitches, but it's not terrible. I think Patons SWS is a lot worse as far as splittyness goes. The nylon content in the Bamboozle seems to help it spring back into shape when you give it a gentle tug. But I'm no expert - your experiences may vary. Bamboozle comes in lots of beautiful rich, bright colors, and if you just want to experiment with it a little bit, it is a perfect yarn for baby knits and hats.

I'm on my third ball of yarn and am just over halfway up the back of the tank top right now. I've been telling myself that I will finish the back in another day or two, and then get back to Baudelaire and do the second sock, which shouldn't take more than a week, and then I can do the front of the tank.

Then comes the seaming. I got some good practice with mattress stitch on a little eye pillow I made a month or two back, and I do feel more confident with it than I used to, but that doesn't mean I like it. No, not one little bit. I mean, I LOVE to see it zipping two pieces together practically invisibly, but I can't stand the tedious stitching to get to that point. Maybe I'll learn to enjoy it by the end of this project, but that's probably wishful thinking. I've got half a mind to alter the pattern, take out a couple selvage stitches here and there, and just convert it to be knit in the round next time I make it. We'll see.

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Blogger Guinifer said...

Gorgeous! That is a beautiful fabric!

12:21 PM CDT  
Blogger nellbell55420 said...

Love the color...and excited to see how the rest turns out.

3:57 PM CDT  
Blogger Dianie said...


7:41 PM CDT  
Blogger Yvette said...

I do so agree with everything about this yarn - including the "splittyness" grr - but oh I do love it!

One question - when I weave in the ends, I find they tend to slip right out again - did you have this problem? I am thinking of using some craft glue, or egg white which dries clear and doesn't ever washout!

What did you do to solve this?

BTW I am no1grandma on Ravelry!

Kind regards

11:21 PM CST  

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