Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Oh how I hate the Bouclé Poncho

Last night I worked on the bouclé capelet (really just a short poncho) for a little bit. It is now 9 inches long, with my goal being 12 inches total (I updated the progress bar to reflect this. I guess I had overestimated the amount done before!) I have never knit anything so frustratingly, mind-numbingly boring in my ENTIRE life. I think.

The stats:
Pattern - Based roughly on this "Easy Lacey Capelet". Not too complicated. I was actually more interested in the "Brutal Increasing" technique mentioned and wanted to see how it worked, so this is the experiment piece I guess.

Yarn & Needles - Jo-Ann Sensations Rainbow Boucle in light blue and white (not shown in that link). The ONLY nice thing I can say about this crap is that the colors are nice. That's it. It's a pain to knit with, you can't see your stitches, and somehow I am inexplicably knitting too tightly... and I'm a loose knitter! Not to mention, the stuff feels just kind of icky when it runs over my finger onto the needle. Bleh.

I should admit that somehow I ended up using one needle size larger than the yarn calls for (it recommends US10, and somehow I decided to use US10½). I have no idea why. I can't remember what on earth I must have been thinking. But I definitely am using a larger needle size than I should. This could account for why the thing is looking so dang holey and yucky. Then again, I tried Elizabeth Zimmerman's increase (M1 by doing a half-hitch cast on to the right needle), which I think may account for several of the holes, too. I probably should have just gone with a regular bar increase. It's not like the bar would even show up in the fabric. Like I said, I can't even SEE my stitches.

So anyway, that's where that project is at. As much as I dislike it, pix will follow when I'm done. I'll probably end up giving it away or attaching it to a tree as graffiti or something.


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